General Information

Conference Venue: LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL

From Incheon Int'l Airport to the Hotel

1. Via KAL Limousine Bus #6701 VIEW MORE

You can find information on limousine buses and purchase tickets at the Transportation Information Counter (near exits No. 2, 4, 9 and 13) on the arrival floor (1st floor) of the passenger terminal.

Bus Number 6701 / KAL Limousine Boarding: KAL Stop 4A, 10B, 1st Floor
Transit Time Approx. 60-70 minutes
Operating Hour 4:50-22:53
(Interval 20-30 minutes)
Single Fare KRW 16,000
*Approx. USD 16
#6701 Bus Route Incheon Int'l Airport ->Koreana Hotel -> The PLAZA Hotel ->Westin Choseon Hotel ->Lotte Hotel(Myeong-dong) ---The rest omitted

2. Via Airport Railroad (AREX) & Subway

The Airport Railroad Express train (AREX) links the Seoul Metro lines from Incheon Int'l Airport, through Gimpo Int'l Airport to Seoul station.

Route Incheon Int'l Airport Station <-> Hongik University station
(Transfer to Line No. 2 -Green line-) <-> Eljiro 1ga station (Exit No. 7, 8)
<-> Walk to Lotte Hotel Seoul (3 mins. on foot)
Transit time Approximately 80-90 minutes
Total fare KRW 4,150 *Approx. USD 4